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Straight and Level Construction helped us with several projects, including an update to the kitchen in our 1940s stucco home. Two weeks into the project we hit a brick wall, literally, when John and his crew began taking down the pony wall that separated the kitchen from our family room. We knew the wall was solid and anticipated that the demo might be challenging, but no one expected two layers of solid brick. What should have been a one day project quickly morphed into three very noisy, messy days. Nevertheless, John worked hard to minimize costs and impact to our family. He borrowed my Swiffer on more than one occasion to make sure that things were cleaned up at the end of the day, and he was a great communicator, making sure that we had the information and guidance we needed to make smart decisions regarding our home.In the end, we exceeded our original time line, but the process and product also exceeded our expectations. This was due to the hard work of John and his crew, and we will definitely be calling Straight and Level Construction for help on our next project.

Mindy Weber and Lowell McRoberts

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Remodel kitchen



Austin, TX