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We never thought that remodeling could be an “enjoyable” experience, but John Martin changed our minds. OK, maybe “enjoyable” is too strong a word for the process of remodeling, but the experience of having John work on our home exceeded our expectations and we are thrilled with the final results. John always kept us informed about the status of the job, he cleaned up thoroughly every day so we didn’t feel like we were in a remodeling “war zone,” and he asked lots of insightful questions to ensure that our media room would turn out in a way that would make us happy. John is a pleasure to deal with, is very trustworthy, and when the inevitable but unforeseen bumps in the road occurred he managed those few situations with calm and confidence, which allowed us to feel the same way. Basically, it was a joy working with John. And, amazingly, all of John’s subcontractors seem to be cut from the same mold as John, so he obviously chooses his subcontractors well. We highly recommend John and we’re looking forward to our next remodeling job with him.

Suzanne and Kevin Zarling

Project Name

Zarling Remodel Indoor Living



Remodel Fireplace-Living room



Austin, TX